Ryeland Sheep Breed characteristics

All Ryeland Sheep pedigree animals must be white throughout


Medium length, masculine in rams, with no trace of horn and face showing character, strength and constitution.


Medium length and relatively free of wool, with mealy markings around the mouth and eyes acceptable. Larger areas of white marking may be present. White "tear-drop" markings on the inner corner of the eyes must be present and may be variable in size.


Medium size, carried slightly back (not heavy or hanging down), dark colour and may have mealy markings on the edge.


Strong, broad and set on so as to give the head a bridled appearance. Shoulders. Smoothly and well set, no depression behind. Chest. Broad and fairly deep Back. Straight, level from base of neck to setting of tail, which should be broad.


Well sprung, body well down forming a good bottom line.

Legs of Mutton.

Full, well let down. Good length of hindquarter from hipbone to dock.

Legs and Feet.

Legs below knees and hock straight. Compact feet firmly set.


Dark. Flesh. Even and firm handling all over.


Smart appearance when walking or standing. Head held high.


To be good quality, stronger in rams than in ewes, deep in staple, thickly set on skin, handling firmly, free from coarseness and kemp and can be any natural colour or combination of colours (no colour or combination of colours to be preferable to any others). Quality to be equivalent to Bradford Count of 56's - 58's or finer.

White Ryeland Sheep and Coloured Ryeland Sheep

White Ryeland Sheep and Coloured Ryeland Sheep

White Ryeland Sheep and Coloured Ryeland Sheep