About us

We are Heather and Bill Holloway and have been breeding Ryelands since 2009.

We keep Ryelands because they are so good natured and easy to manage. When you keep sheep its great to have a breed that has a personality and that runs up to you in the morning and is happy to see you.

The flocks were started with Diverse blood-lines from some of the best known long established breeders with the aim of producing quality traditional sheep.

We keep complete notes of everything on individual record sheets we keep with the pedigree of each individual lamb.

We have had successes in the show ring at local shows, showing only our own home bred stock.

We are members of the Ryeland Flock Book Society and Northern Ryland group, click below for links


Prizewinning White Ryeland Sheepp

Prizewinning Coloured Ryeland Sheep

Prizewinning Coloured Ryeland Sheep